Awaken your Feminine Spirit.

Our lives are beautiful opportunities to be Spirited Women.

Life changes women, we learn to develop and manage relationships, meet the challenges of work, create and nurture a family all whilst we deal with an evolving physical self.

It’s our spirit that helps guide us through a myriad of changes. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the challenges we see and it’s at these times we need to awaken our feminine spirit.

Your feminine spirit never leaves you, just takes a backseat until you embrace the opportunity to be a spirited woman.

Spirited Women have designed a range of programs that can help you awaken your feminine spirit.

Art Therapy

A one-day retreat that uses creative process to take you beyond thinking to feeling.


Bali Retreat

A full week to immerse yourself in nature, nourish your senses and awaken your feminine spirit.


Honouring Circle

A two-hour group session to celebrate an event or occassion ‘YOUR circle with YOUR sisters’.


Pause & Change

A one-day workshop that explores menopause and how you can manage its symptoms.


Two Spirited Women

Twin sisters, Amelia Suckling and Carla Temple are the life-blood of Spirited Women. Born three minutes apart, they look a bit the same, sound a bit the same and have a deep connection.

Together they’ve lived through many of life’s transitions, from pregnancy, raising children, reinventing their marriages, ageing parents, menopause, health issues and career changes.

Amelia and Carla have backgrounds in education, art therapy and menopause counseling.

Spirited Women embrace all women regardless of age, stage or phase of life.

Upcoming Events

Kind Words

A beautiful, soulful workshop. Carla and Amelia facilitate a very informative, well-needed reframe of this powerful time in a woman’s life. They are masters at creating a beautiful, safe space for women to share and leave equipped with strategies to manage the changes. Thank you beautiful ladies


A day just for me. I was immersed in a beautiful space where I felt nurtured in mind, body and spirit. Amelia and Carla facilitated the space where I felt the freedom to explore, create, reflect and connect and I’ve never done any art. Yes it was a retreat.


Amelia and Carla create spaces of beauty, reverence and joy. Gathering in ceremony to honour the arrival of my baby daughter brought with it the grounding I needed to walk my mother journey, nourished supported and held.


What a totally unexpected joy upon my house blessing with C & A. My house became a home filled with the purpose and love I intended, and I was astounded at the depth of friendship and support they allowed my guests to demonstrate. I have basked in the connection and love ever since!