Spirited Women have created a new retreat for 2021

Art for Wellbeing 

For Women at Midlife and Beyond

Midlife is inevitable and is part of human development whether you are approaching midlife, into midlife or beyond midlife.

A time of change where you need to find meaning for the second half of life.

A time to re-orientate from within to find a new way of being in the world

A time to fashion your self anew with your unique life story, wisdom and the experiences you have earned along the way

The Art of Wellbeing retreat provides the tools and resources to

re-imagine | re-create | re-connect

to the woman you are becoming

Does this sound like you?

Empty nest -your kids have moved out or your hoping they will

Your career is established but you’re somehow dissatisfied and uninspired

You want to get in touch with your creativity that’s been put on hold

 You’re now parenting your parents and feel overwhelmed

You feel a sense of discontent, seeking something new but can’t find it

Your relationship with your partner has lost its magic

Life feels like a routine that doesn’t fit how it used to

You simply need time for yourself

Why use art-making to support change?

It’s not about being an artist. In fact no art experience is required. It’s about creatively exploring the richness of who you are and having fun in the process.

Art making is a powerful tool to make sense of your life. It’s a beautiful way to release feelings, engage your imagination, express yourself in a new way and connect with your intuition.

When women come together in the spirit of creativity and open-heartedness, transformation is not only possible it’s inevitable.

Why Bali?

The power and beauty of Mother Nature is ever present in Bali. A week away from the routine of your everyday life is the perfect way to slow down and unfold into The Art of Wellbeing, where you have the:

Space to re-imagine         Tools to re-create          Time to re-connect

You’re in the right place if you love to:

  Enjoy using art materials as a tool for self-discovery

Journal to re-author the changes that are unfolding

Listen to transformational stories that guide and support change

 Experience deep and restful meditation to imbed change

  Move your body with slow gentle yoga

  Be pampered with soothing massages to release tension

  Experience Balinese culture from food to ceremonies

  Hunt for treasures at lively, colourful markets

  Immerse yourself in nature to nourish your senses  

Feel energized by connecting with like-minded women

For one-week leave your busy world behind for an experience that is fun and soulful to live YOUR change

Come as you are or bring a ‘sister’.

Prices and dates to be confirmed shortly.


Spirited Women will conduct a Bali retreat. Details to be announced shortly.


Spirited Women have designed a range of retreats that help you to re-imagine, re-create and re-connect with the woman you really are.

Art Therapy

A one day retreat that uses creative process to take you beyond thinking to feeling.

No art experience required

spirited women retreat

Bali Retreat

Art for Wellbeing retreat. A full week to immerse yourself in nature and creative processes.

No art experience required


Honouring Circle

A two-hour group session to celebrate an event or occassion ‘YOUR circle with YOUR sisters’.


Pause & Change

A one-day retreat supporting women through the menopause transition.