When women come together in a circle a sacred space is naturally created.

Every woman experiences rites of passage, significant transitions, endings and beginnings. Often these go unnoticed.

When a woman is witnessed and honored by her close friends in a sacred space, it reinforces her strengths and internal resources, awakening her feminine spirit to pave the way for her new journey.

Spirited Women take time and care to create a sacred space where a woman is witnessed and honoured to celebrate a significant milestone in her life.

An Honouring Circle can be for any occasion that is important or significant to a woman:

Marriage (new look hen’s night)
End of a significant relationship
Home blessing
New career path
Overcoming illness
Empty nest (setting yourself & your children free)

Why not organise a Spirited Women’s Honouring Circle for yourself or gift one to a treasured woman in your life?



Spirited Women create two-hour Honouring Circles
to celebrate an event or occasion

Spirited Women have designed a range of programs that can help you awaken your feminine spirit.

Art Therapy

A one day retreat that uses creative process to take you beyond thinking to feeling.

Bali Retreat

A full week to immerse yourself in nature, nourish your senses and awaken your feminine spirit.

Honouring Circle

A two-hour group session to celebrate an event or occassion ‘YOUR circle with YOUR sisters’.

Pause & Change

A one-day workshop that explores menopause, its symptoms, challenges and significance.