Spirited Women Australia
Spirited Women Australia2 weeks ago
A week to be creative in mind, body and spirit engaging in art-making, journaling, yoga, meditation and venturing out in a new environment with new people. Take a week just for you. No art experience required, just bring your enthusiasm as we explore the art of midlife and beyond, we'll do the rest.

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Spirited Women Australia
Spirited Women Australia3 weeks ago
Thanks to the fabulous women who participated in our art therapy retreat day on Sunday. A day of sharing, insight and connection.

#midlifewoman #creativity #artforchange #artforwellbeing #creativityfound
Spirited Women Australia
Spirited Women Australia1 month ago
Need a day to listen to your intuition and explore your imagination as you discover more about the art of trusting yourself, challenging in today's hectic world when there are so many external influences. Trusting yourself gives you back your power and builds confidence in your choices. Join us for a day of art-making, meditation, and journaling, Sunday 26th May. No art experience needed, just your curiosity. Morning and afternoon tea provided along with all art materials.
Spirited Women Australia
Spirited Women Australia1 month ago
My sister and I have been thinking of Mother’s Day and how it stirs up many thoughts and feelings. In this post we attempt to share the significance of the word mother.

Perhaps the word mother immediately calls to mind thoughts about your own mother, grandmother and women who have stepped in and mothered you.

Perhaps it stirs feelings of being un-mothered leaving you with hurt and a sense of abandonment, mourning for the mother you never had.

Perhaps it arouses deep emotion about being a mother yourself. Motherhood has so many demands, joys and societal expectations, leaving many mothers unfairly doubtful and self-critical.

So underserved.

Perhaps it evokes a deep sense of gratitude for the gift of being a mother, able to give life and nurture that life into adulthood.

Perhaps it stirs sadness for the loss of your mother. Her warmth, her reassurance, her pride in you. Now the only way to “feel” her is through fond memories.

Perhaps you feel fortunate to have the freedom to have made the conscious choice not to be a biological mother.

Perhaps there is grief so deep for wanting to mother the baby you lost through unfortunate circumstances, a feeling that never goes away. It’s still raw but you manage somehow to wear your brave face to the world whilst experiencing your private pain.

Perhaps you mourn the child you never had visited by waves of resentment and confusion, attempting to accept what life has presented.

Perhaps you feel privileged to be a foster mother opening your generous heart to children in need, giving them a chance in life.

Perhaps you feel a sense of loss and emptiness that your children have left home questioning the different role motherhood now presents. Or perhaps you feel a sense of relief and freedom that they are on their way leaving you time to mother yourself.

Perhaps it reminds you how you’ve chosen to mother your elderly parents, giving you the opportunity to give back the love you received.

Perhaps it reminds you of mothering your pets, your garden, your community and the environment to make our planet a better place for all.

In just a few short paragraphs we see how powerful and evocative the word mother is. It has a palpable presence and memory. Although we can’t always name it, the word mother carries the archetypal energy of compassion, strength, carer, protector, nurturer, wisdom, and giver of love and affection just to name a few. Let’s honour motherhood in all its expression to its rightful place in society.
By Amelia and Carla
Spirited Women Australia
Spirited Women Australia1 month ago
Love this photo of our mum when she was newly married. She has written in the sand a message to our dad that says 'amore mio' (my love). Although she is no longer with us we think of her everyday and of the love she gave to our family.
Spirited Women Australia
Spirited Women Australia1 month ago
So, you think you’re not creative. Why not ditch this thought and take your creativity out of hibernation, free your imagination & give yourself permission to try something different. Art-making is not frivolous or for the talented few, it’s for everyone.
Art-making is a wonderful way to open up possibility and connect to yourself.
Join our next art therapy retreat day 26th May – The Art of Trusting Yourself. A day to engage in art-making, journaling and meditation

#creativityfound #wellbeing #midlifejourney #artforwellbeing #womenempowerment
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