Pause and Change one-day retreat.

For women transitioning menopause

Where are you on the journey?

Perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause are stages in a woman’s reproductive years. Perimenopause (on average occurs mid to late 40s) and is the time leading up to menopause. During this stage women experience changes in their menstrual cycle and may have menopause symptoms.

Menopause (on average occurs 51-52 years of age) when menstruation has ceased for 12 consecutive months. Postmenopause is the stage after menopause (where some symptoms may still occur).

Wherever you are on the journey, it’s your time to Pause & Change.

It’s the time of transformation that can be challenging and unpredictable because hormones change and so do you.

You may be feeling vulnerable, seeking to settle into a nurturing space to care for yourself to make sense of the changes.

You may be asking yourself:

•  Why are my mood swings like a roller coaster ride?

•  Why am I burning up with hot flushes and saturated by night sweats?

•  Why has brain fog descended on me, I just can’t think straight?

•  Where’s my libido gone, will I get it back, do I even care?

•  How do I manage my symptoms, my body is so unpredictable?

•  Why do I feel like I’ve lost my spirit and run out of juice?

•  How do I maintain being a woman beyond my fertile years?

•  Why am I so tired and crave time alone?

•  Why do I feel invisible and somehow disregarded?

•  Who am I and what do I want?

NO, you are not going crazy! It’s menopause, your partner can’t fix it, your kids don’t get it, your mother kept it a secret and your girlfriends may not be there yet.

Nobody said it was easy. It is a challenging time and there’s no need to suffer in silence as our mothers and grandmothers did.

It’s time to shift the cultural paradigm around menopause so it’s no longer a secret or a dirty word but a transition to be honoured and celebrated.

“………the support of other women who walked the same path is paramount.”  J. Sams

Spirited Women want you to know menopause is:

•  Not about loss, it’s about change

•  The time that demands self-care and self-compassion

•  A rite of passage no woman should deny, dismiss or devalue

•  A journey that no woman should take alone

•  An opportune time for rebirth filled with potent possibilities

The Pause & Change retreat is designed for women like you who want to feel vibrant at every stage of life.

It addresses the aspects of menopause overlooked by the medical model and society generally.

The retreat draws together female biology and ancient wisdom, creating a learning experience to help you:

  • Feel supported and reassured
  • Be informed about the symptoms and how to manage them
  • Connect with your changing body
  • Laugh, cry and make sense of what’s going on in your mind, body and spirit
  • Surrender those things that no longer matter to make way for the new
  • Gain insight into the transformational power of menopause

Even if Amelia and Carla never get to meet you face-to-face their wish is that you give yourself the time, the space and the kindness to pause from the demands of life to allow the change to occur.

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Sunday 23th August 2020

Swell Centre 

2 Minona St, Hawthorn.

10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Cost: $165 pp or $300 for two.


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