Art therapy gives you the opportunity to explore who you are.

It’s an invitation to use raw materials to shape, reshape, color, experiment, add or remove so you can express what is within you.

As women we are constantly shaping and reshaping our lives. For a woman, life is about living through change. There are times when you are met with uncertainty, something within is changing you may feel overwhelmed.

Art therapy allows you to work with life and gives you the freedom to uncover what words sometimes cannot say.

Why art therapy can awaken your feminine spirit:

•  Creates a pathway when you can no longer THINK your way to a solution

•  Allows you to draw on your intuition to navigate what’s next in life

•  Invites you to express what is stirring within

•  Gives your creative feminine force permission to flow

•  Allows you to venture into unknown possibilities

•  Gives form to what words sometimes cannot say

•  Brings healing and integration to the woman you are

Come awaken your feminine spirit and connect with what is waiting to be found.



Spirited Women conduct one-day
Art Therapy retreats

Spirited Women have designed a range of programs that can help you awaken your feminine spirit.

Art Therapy

A one day retreat that uses creative process to take you beyond thinking to feeling.

Bali Retreat

A full week to immerse yourself in nature, nourish your senses and awaken your feminine spirit.

Honouring Circle

A two-hour group session to celebrate an event or occassion ‘YOUR circle with YOUR sisters’.

Pause & Change

A one-day workshop that explores menopause, its symptoms, challenges and significance.